Monday, September 19, 2011

Gifting: Maybe an apple...

We’re approaching that season when, if you’ve put off investing in new technology, you’re likely to gift yourself or someone you love with that bit of wizardry you’ve been eyeing all year. And if you haven’t already invested in a tablet PC, one probably tops your list.

Earlier this year, it looked like there would be an abundance of choices with all the Android tablets coming to market. While there have been many admirable options there, none have really dented the iPads appeal.

That’s as much about the hardware as software. The IPad 2 is a great product, backed by the software catalog Android devices have not yet begun to rival, for real estate or otherwise. Adding significant momentum there is the simple fact that many apps developed for the ever-growing universe of iPhone users also run on the iPad.

At this point, the most promising challenger to the iPad’s dominance the rumored Amazon tablet, expected to launch sometime within the next two months. Early speculation suggests it may offer the combination of package and price which make it a winner.

But software is what makes the hardware, and it’s likely to be a while before the combination of general and real estate specific apps are available to make whatever Amazon brings to market the practical solution for your needs in a mobile computing platform. By then, if and when sometime next year, WIndows 8, with its promised tablet support, will give you even more options.

Short-term, the iPad’s appeal as a practical solution with the most software support, real estate and otherwise, seems secure.