Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Do You Make Your Case?

Before you can get that buyer or seller to sign a contract, you’ve got to make your case. It might be on paper, viewed on your notebook or the TV, maybe something you distribute via email or on disc, but there’s some sort of presentation involved.

I’m working on a guide to presentation solutions for Realtor Online’s May issue and I’d like to get some input on what works and why. Is a printed CMA on paper, pulled from your MLS, all it takes? Are you using PowerPoint to convince that buyer or seller you should represent them? Have you experimented with presentation software? What about video—is it worth the time and expense, on or offline?

If you’ve got experience, observations or insight you’d like to share, please email me.

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Transaction Management

March’s buying guide in Realtor Online takes a look at transaction management solutions. With space limitations we can’t include every company, but I try to identify the major providers in these guides. Spend a lot of time searching the Web, soliciting input from brokers and agents, asking contacts about their products and competitors. No matter, there’s almost always some left out or overlooked.

I’m hoping to use this space to supplement or expand on the coverage there. Coming out of this story, the most important thing I heard from vendors and successful users of transaction management systems: assign someone with primary responsibility for managing that system, entering listing data, contracts and forms, contact info, etc

Some are selling the systems, and some are buying into the concept, with the idea that a Web-based transaction system is going to make life easier for the agent, centralize all their records with a system for tracking progress toward closing.

What I heard, though, is the transition can be counterproductive if you force them to learn and adopt new habits.
Relieve them of that responsibility by assigning it to or hiring a listing coordinator or transaction manager,(however you describe that position) and everyone benefits. Agents can focus more time on clients, assured everything is taken care and nothing will be missed. Clients and their representatives can monitor the progress and see what needs to be done.

And the system which improves efficiency while allowing agents to spend more time with buyers and sellers gives the broker a potent tool for recruiting.

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