Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Smartphones and....

 Wrapped up the buying guide to smartphones recently and it should post on Realtor magazine online soon.
Even in the short cycle of online publishing it’s getting tougher to provide the most current information in a category like this. Smartphones are so hot, vendors seem to be talking up their next generation even as the most current products hit stores.
For buyers, this creates a real conundrum. The smartphone is a must have in real estate---but if you’re budget conscious when you choose your smartphone you’re making a commitment that typically runs two years. Computers and camera you can buy  a new model at will; most smartphones are sold locked to a service contract and can get very expensive when you buy outside that bundle.
So, the most important concern is getting a product you can live with that long. If you’re over 40, screen size and resolution should be a top consideration, as the display remains the biggest drawback to relying on the smartphones your primary PC in the field. Then you need to decide if that screen is worth the bulk that goes with it. Yes smartphones are thinner, sleeker lighter than ever before, but they are large compared to other types of cell phones.
But operating system trumps all other considerations....

Best Apps for Real Estate?

      It’s the apps which unleash the power of a smartphone.The June guide will take a look at this critical software category. What smartphone OS are you using, and in turn, which apps make yours a practical productive real estate tool?. I’m looking to talk to some Realtors about what they are using, and why, for this guide. If you’d like to be considered, send your thoughts to antoniakATdtccomDOTnet