Monday, September 24, 2012

That next computer....

It’s a means, not an end.
With buyer’s guides to computers, smartphones and tablets all updated for 2012 , and having just revised my ebook on essential mobile technology for real state), I’ll take a breather here to offer some straightforward advice on that next computer.
It should be whatever makes sense for you
That can mean any and all of the above, or just the one device which makes sense for you. They are, after all, all computers.
If budget is tight, add one device; if not,build an integrated workflow so all your devices work together seamlessly and information created on one is available in a familiar format on others. Depending on your technical prowess, that may mean sticking with one operating system, or mixing and matching as you like.
If I had to prioritize for real estate, I’d say start with a smartphone. If you’re not already carrying an Android or iPhone device, migrating to one of these will bring you the most productive benefits. You can get a decent camera, and navigation services to boot, making you a more portable professional. With the right real estate apps—well you’ve got that mobile office in hand. 
(A word on smartphones for Windows loyalists. If you’re thinking smartphone, you might want to wait a few weeks and see what Windows 8, and the compatible version of Windows Phone, means in terms of your choices)
Got a smartphone? Then the next recommendation I’d make is a tablet. It gives you everything you have in a smartphone, save calling, in a format that’s larger so easier to use, view and share. Again the choices: Windows 8(shortly), Ipad or one of the Android devices—that’s up to you. Sample them all and go with your gut.
Finally that “real “computer, the more traditional mobile or desktop system. That should be your next investment only if your present system is so old it’s slowing you down, dragging across the web. Otherwise, you and your clients will be better served with a more mobile solution. You’ll see productive gains immediately.
Across the board. what’s the best choice?
The one that works for you. 
People can get very snobbish about the technology they use. It’s not the brand, but what the brand delivers for you that matters. In every class of computer, the smart choice is the one you’re most comfortable using, with software and apps to empower your career.
Remember, any computer is just a means to more responsive service, more productive use of your time.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Ebook: Essential Mobile Technology For Real Estate

If you’re confused about all all this mobile technology, unsure which tech tools to embrace, what questions to ask, I’ve updated this ebook for you. Just $5 for download in format of your choice: PDF or multiple ebook formats.
I’ve been lax here the last month or so as I made time to revisit the first edition and update the content. As in the original, it’s a quick study for those in real real estate, and other mobile professions, who need a firm grounding in today’s mobile tech, want to know the right questions to ask so they can make the smart choices to empower their careers. If you consider yourself tech-savvy, you may find some of it too basic. But you can preview before buying at Smashwords or on my website.
The content is drawn from my years of experience covering  technology and putting together tech buying guides for the National Association of Realtors’ print and online publications. My goal here was to create a general reference so readers can intelligently approach their many options, gain a basic understanding of the mobile essentials, and incorporate the right mix into your own mobile strategy. Since the first edition appeared, smartphones have really come to the fore, tablets gained a wide audience here, and promise of the cloud has been realized.
For a better idea of my approach, you can check out the Real Tech Tools website I put together when I first published the book. But I’ll forewarn you it’s not updated yet. That’s a next project.
Anyway, I’m a full time freelancer and appreciate any sales. If there’s enough interest, I’ll follow-up with a mobile marketing guide. For now, I’m glad it’s done and hope it helps some of you.
If you bought the first edition of the book, and want the update, you can contact me from here.