Friday, September 6, 2013

Initially Screening Real Estate Tech Vendors

        Software or hardware, when you invest in any tech product or service, you’re entrusting part of your real estate career there. With companies claiming to offer a real estate solution, especially, you don’t want to end up with a vendor who won’t be there for you, when you need them most.
Before you ask for references or request a demo, you can quickly decide which companies to pursue, which aren’t worth your time. Simply contact or call them for more information and gauge response time.
As a real estate professional, responding to prospect and client queries is critical: ideally within hours; at least the same business day; at worst within 24 hours. Hold any potential vendor to the same standard. If they don’t address your query within a day, strike them from the list. Lack of response suggests both poor professionalism, and understaffing.
All kinds of problems can crop up when installing or using any tech product. Your business and the services you provide can depend on the real estate technology you employ. If a vendor can’t get back to when you are most attractive— as a potential sale— what’s to suggest support will be available, once they have your money?
As one who covers technology for real estate, I’m continually exploring and fielding pitches from companies with the next best thing. I’ve also been persistently surprised over the years, how some companies never respond to queries which could help them get the word out about their real estate solution.
I figure if they can’t get back to me, they won’t be there for you, and move on.