Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mobile Essentials

I’ve put together a guide I hope will give many of you the understanding of the technology’s latest tools and how they can empower you in the field. Essential Technology for Mobile Professionals is my first ebook, and fifth book, and available for download here for $7.99.

I’d like to make it clear up front this guide was not written for the tech savvy real estate professional. You already know the how and why of today’s tools.

Rather, I developed this book for new comers and seasoned pros looking for a solid grounding in today’s tools and how they can empower your career, boost productivity and improve client services. Each chapter covers a specific tool, and explains its use, value, key features and evaluation points when shopping that particular solution. In my correspondence with readers over the years I’ve found that’s exactly the kind of advice many need, but can’t always adequately provide with so much to cover in limited editorial space.

Since technology move so fast, it’s impossible for any book to provide up-to-the-minute information on the latest announcements. So, I’ve tried to complement the broad information in the book with the RealTechToolswebsite. Click on any of the chapter headings there and you’ll find a page with links to Web resources such as product news, reviews, and manufacturer sites for that topic.

This is the best way I know to complement the work I do for Realtor. And, as a writer, it’s an experiment to see what kind of future there is in ebook publishing.

Please take a look, and thanks.

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