Monday, April 12, 2010

Mac and PC on the desktop

Wrapped up the buying guide to desktop computers for May Realtor magazine online a couple of weeks ago. Should be posted before the end of the month.

Always learn some interesting background info in the course of researching these stories. This time out when we posted a query looking for reader input on their desktop systems, of the two dozen or so who did respond, the overwhelming majority of respondents were enthusiastic Mac users. Even among the handful of PC users, most indicated they would at least consider a Mac as their next PC.

This is a surprising and dramatic break with what I’ve heard from readers in the past. I don’t think it reflects any wholesale move to the Mac, although it is clearly gaining popularity with real estate users. Maybe the iPod and iPhone deserve some some credit there.

What I believe it shows most, though, is that these agents and brokers are so happy with their Mac experience, they are eager to tell their world about it. In their enthusiasm, they cited the typical strengths: ease of use, intuitive operation, stability, lack of malware and performance.

Among the few Windows users I heard from, only one had yet migrated to Windows 7, the latest version of the OS. Despite generally favorable reviews for Windows 7, these Realtors® were sticking with XP. Burned by what they heard or their own experience migrating to Windows Vista, these users seemed generally reluctant to risk what they fear could be a disruptive upgrade. All realize Windows 7 likely lies in their future, but it’s most likely to arrive on their desks via a new computer.

And when that day comes, they’ll have to seriously weigh a Mac vs. PC.

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