Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Next Breakthrough In Digital Photography?

If you’re serious about  photographs for your virtual tours, and have been thinking about a Digital-SLR as your next camera. you may want to hold off a while and see what the future holds.
Last week's New York Times ran a story about a Californna start-up with what could be the next real breakthrough in digital photography. As tthe headline reads, Lytros’ technology will users shoot now and worry about inncidentals like focus and depth of field later.  
That’s right: its technology allows serious amateurs, or anyone for that matter, to point, shoot and achieve all the same effects now possible only by experimenting with lens and aperature when the shutter clicks. It will mean more options for photographers, more effective pictures of everything, including homes, and put the advantages of an SLR in point and shoot cameras.
The cost if this new type of camera, or required software, if any, has not yet been announced; only that it will be targeted at consumers
The effect, and breaktrhouygh it represents is much easier seen than described. You can explore the possibilities at this interactive gallery on  Lytro’s website.
 Just click anywhere in a picture and see for yourself. It might be worth waiting a bit longer before investing in that digital SLR.

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