Monday, June 25, 2012

Tablets, and more...

Microsoft's Surface, as introduced

     Next up will be putting together a guide to tablets for Realtor magazine online. It’s an iPad world so far, in real estate as elsewhere, but is that how it ultimately shape out with Microsoft’s announcement of its Surfacerumors of a Google Nexus tablet , and the many Android tablets already out there.
Tablets so far have repeated what was seen with PCs in real estate, where the abundant software catalog made this a Windows World. That’s part of the buzz driving users toward the iPad, then there’s the user experience......anyway if you’re using any tablet for real estate, I welcome your comments as I get to work on the story. Just email me.

Beyond The QR code

      The app guide should post on Realtor magazine online sometime soon, so here’s a shameless plug. There are many great apps out there, so many it’s fairer to present them as examples of different types of apps, rather than focus. on any specific app.        That said, One of the more intriguing apps I came across  and included is something called HomeSnap from SawBuck Realty .
This seems a great leap forward from the QR code. For rather than than using the code as the engagement point for delivering home info to potential buyers. 
      With HomeSnap, they simply snap an image of the house the system’s location-based services and sophisticated image recognition software serve up all the details. See for yourself, and you’ll glimpse the future of mobile searches. And, be sure to app buyers’ guide for an overview of the range of apps available to make your mobile career more productive.

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