Thursday, March 6, 2014

Free ebook on Mobile Essentials for Real Estate

     Back in 2010 I put together an ebook, compiling all I knew on the various tools, services and software which Realtors use in their careers. As the name implies, Essential Mobile Technology for Real Estate provided a quick study on core technologies empowering your careers. 
     As fast as tech advances, I updated the book in 2012 to reflect the changes had taken place in those two years.  And again, I tried to focus more on the underlying technology than on any specific products to make the book a useful resource. It was a considerable undertaking in time and effort, for what has proven minimal ROI. 
     So rather than invest that time again, the 2012 version is available for free download, from here forward. I’ll use this space to update that information or expand the focus as needed, over time
     I still think the information there can be of some help to anyone who needs a good grounding the essential tech tools, and how they can serve you and your clients. 
     The biggest change of course, is the consolidation of many of these tools in the palm of your hand, in your smartphone or tablet. For a somewhat humorous perspective at just how much smartphones have changed things, take a look at this 1991 Radio Shack ad and article.
     At any rate, Essential Mobile Technology for Real Estate is now available in popular ebook format through Smashwords Just click this link for the download. If you experience problems, please let me know.

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