Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Calling Mac Users in Real Estate

One of the most persistent requests I get is from users of Apple's Macintosh computers looking for insight or advice on how they can make their Macs work in the Windows world of real estate. They’re frustrated, but as passionate as all Mac users, aren’t about to give up on OSX.

They usually find me through searches which lead them to a couple of Tech Watch columns I did on the potential for the Mac as a real estate tool, especially since Intel based Macs can run both OS X and Windows and compatible applications.(column links: , )

As small as this group is, it really can’t be given it due in publications which must focus on the needs of the broadest spectrum of real estate professionals. Nevertheless, there’s call for some gathering place where real estate professionals can link up and share their frustrations/experiences/solutions on using the Mac. There was a blog I was referring people to last year, but that seems to be abandoned. Apple also has a page on its site for Realtors (, but I think it’s more of a promotional than practical tool.

As a Mac user myself, and based on the frequency of queries I receive, I see the need for more information online for Mac users who are also real estate agents and brokers. So I am adding this post to try and identify that solution.

If you know of a website or forum which already exists, please let me know about it. If not, do you agree there’s a need? If so, do you think it can be adequately addressed with an occasional update on Mac news for estate users as part of this blog? or what else is needed?




Corey said...

Yes, the Real Estate industry really is a PC world.

As a developer I've struggled with my absolute love for the Mac and the needs of the Windows masses. When it comes down to it, you have to develop for what will keep you in business. Right now that means the PC/Windows comes first.

Although I develop primarily for the PC... I always make a Mac alternative. (Hey, I'm a Mac guy. It'd be a slap in the face not to do something for all my Mac friends.)

Funny thing, I actually do everything on a Mac. Even my PC work. Using Parallels is a breeze and let's me test and run all my widows products on my Mac. I'm happy to say, I no longer have a PC in the house.

As for the future, I think it looks bright for Mac fans. Everyday I'm receiving more and more inquiries about Mac compatibility. This is good news... One day soon I plan to develop some Mac only solutions. I just hope I'll make enough to justify the development costs.

A blog or a community forum of Real Estate Mac users would be great! I for one would be a regular contributor.


Grupo said...

I am happy to see this discussion starting. Perhaps the development of systems and software that are compatible with OSX will be bolstered as expressions of interest are made here and elsewhere.
I am a longtime Mac user but do use my iMac with Parallels and Windows at home. I run over to "the office" for the full Windows experience. Too much experience.
My regional MLS has never expressed interest in the Mac and "Support" has even said Mac compatibility with their system just "won't happen."
But I have read that Rapattoni Corporation has a system that has Mac access. I am not in one of their many regions. Close but not close enough.
With lots of young (younger than me for sure) tech-savey future agents sure to join the business, especially when the market springs back, their familiarity with and ownership of Macs ought to drive some widely usable development for the benefit of the business and agents

Anonymous said...

I am also thrilled to see this posting. In the real estate world, time truly is money. If it takes my 15 minutes to boot, and 10 minutes to load pictures to, not to mention the constant ctl, alt, del occurrences, that is less time I have to cold call, go to closings, or spend with my family. I am desperately trying to find a way to fit mac into my real estate practice and I AM STRUGGLING! The iPhone has made my life much simpler since I got it, now I need to ditch my windows based pc.

Anonymous said...

Glad to stumble across this discussion. I'm a new mac user and looking for a forum to share info about real estate software solutions. It sounds like Parallels is the only real solution at the moment, which means that we are still limited to Windows apps. Not only will the local MLS only support IE, but Top Producer will not support mac users either. Therefore, I'm about to purchase Parallels and will probably spend the rest of the week figuring out how to make my mac act like a PC...

Anonymous said...

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