Friday, January 18, 2008

What’s in The Air?

Apple’s new Air isn’t likely to convert a lot of Realtors to OS X—unless its “cool factor” complements the innovator image that’s part of your marketing persona. It’s lack of an optical drive and the enclosed( and unchangeable) battery are innovations most will balk at. So if you’re a typical user, and considering a Mac, you’ll probably be better served with a desktop iMac, or MacBook or MacBook Pro notebook.

The primary appeal of any of these Intel-based Macs remains the intuitive ease-of-use of Mac applications, and fact you can install and run Windows Vista and XP and related real estate applications. Understand too, though, that’s going to require purchase of Windows, on top of the cost of the Mac.

For most real estate professionals, the pricey Air holds more interest as a product concept than as practical solution to your mobile needs. There’s other choices in ultra-portables, the Air boasts the largest screen and a full-sized keyboard. The traditional notebook form factor is being pushed to its limits. There’s as much “ooh” to the Air as “Ah, what’s next?”

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