Monday, February 11, 2008

Liquidus Launches VoD Solutions For Ads On Cable and The Web

Want to promote listings with a little more jazz than the classified section of your local paper? Then take a look at what’s available from Liquidus, Chicago-based specialists in on-demand marketing technologies.

The company has built a Video On Demand (VoD) solution for creating then distributing video commercials to the classified advertising channels available to cable TV subscribers, in the markets of your choice. A companion service, VideoLink, lets visitors to a website view video ads by clicking a featured link.

“Ten percent of all digital subscribers visit these classified channels each month, and real estate is one of the most popular categories,” says Kirk Davis, Liquidus co-founder and executive vice president.

With the Web-based SpotSense interface, users can upload listing data and up to 12 photos. The company converts them into a 30-second spot, with synthesized voice-over narration. To view the ads on TV, cable subscribes visit their provider’s classified channel, and navigate to real estate listings by price, area, etc. As on the Web, the commercials can be viewed any time, any day of the week.

Subscribers can stipulate where the ads run, and Davis estimates the average cost will be about $25 per week per market. He says pricing will be set by cable providers, and initially they will be bundling ads in volume buys. So, minimum order requirements will determine whether it’s an affordable option for the brokerage, or individual agent. Davis estimates the VideoLink service, for Web distribution, will cost an additional $10 per ad.

The value of Web advertising and its universal reach, in any format, is well proven. The video on demand classified, over cable, is still a new concept to many consumers so its potential for attracting buyers is hard to gauge. But as a tool to show sellers you’ll cover all the bases to promote their property, it’s the kind of marketing innovation which could help determine who gets the listing in highly populated markets.

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