Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Art of the Blog

Working on a story about what Realtors have on their tech “wish list” for next year. A couple have mentioned getting serious about a blog. It’s a lot of work, I advised, something that often gets pushed down the “to do” list as other responsibilities take precedence.(as here)

One reported the webmaster had it figured out, suggested entries and updates could be farmed out to overseas content creators. Cheaply too. If you can’t do it yourself, hire American, I say. As a freelancer, I’ve started to see overseas writers bid for work here for as little as $4 per hour on some of the freelance job boards.

A blog should be your voice, reflecting your unique understanding and insight into your market area. If you can’t pull it off yourself, find a professional writer to work with you and develop a voice for your blog. They need the work, and know enough to ask the right questions to make your blog speak for you. Just like your website, the best entries will be written by a professional who understands your business, your unique challenges.

You won’t get that by outsourcing....and if you can’t find someone in your area, hey, I’m available.

Shameless plug, sure. But having made writing my career, I just hate the thought of any of that work heading overseas, to the lowest bidder.

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Richard Sites said...

OK, I gotta jump in here. Agents are suffering from LRS (Lazy Realtor Syndrome)and are already light years behind if not blogging or posting videos. I was just at a Christmas party when asked if I had a blog. I told the story of how the Tiger mess caused my blog traffic to jump to 5,000 in one day. The other agents at the table were totally confused about how to even get started and couldn't believe the story. So, I asked, the market is very slow, what else are you doing? Taking the dog to the vet? Everyone laughed, YES, that's what we're doing. Interesting also to note that you offer ghost writing and outsourcing. NAR stats tell you the average Realtor is doing next to nothing, yet the fact that they would even consider this is amazing. With all due respect, I'm sure you are a better writer than any of us out here could hope to be, but the whole point is to expose who you are. Using the outsourcing logic, suppose a client came to buy and you said, "Jim will be taking you out since he has a nicer car" or "Barbara will be taking you out since she knows the area better" or "Sam will be taking you out since he has a lot more funny stories than I do". Even at this stage of the game, people need to be in the chase.