Monday, December 7, 2009

Electronic Signatures Update

Even in this digital age, there’s often a lag between when a story is researched, submitted and it posts. Case in point the December TechWatch column on digital signatures.

When I spoke with Tom Gonser at Docusign for the story in late October, he indicated it would take leadership from the top to really promote the digital standard, and indicated be something in the offing.

Lo and Behold, in late November, NAR announced Docusign as the latest member of its “Benefits Partner” program. You can see the release here.

Those who can’t yet take advantage of the tech, but would like to, can point to this announcement to bolster your case for a move in this direction with managers, brokers, fellow Realtors and local and state associations.

I’ve been meaning to make this post a while, but as any bloggers out there know, other things can easily get in the way. At any rate, what finally prompted this post is a follow-up email to my original column from a contact at a company called DotLoop.

They’re targeting the real estate market with a Web-based solution combining electronic forms, digital signatures, CRM and transaction management.

With NAR’s embrace, I expect 2010 will see the beginning of a real migration to electronic signatures and documents, for the good of all.


An Bui, DocuSign Social Media said...

Thanks so much for the mention - DocuSign's “ESIGN Advantage Promotion for Realtors®" special offer is good through the rest of this year. More information can be found on

Also, we'll be at Inman Connect in New York in January - I hope we can connect there!


Dot Loop Admin said...

Thanks for the DotLoop mention, Mike. We have had some incredible feedback from agents, brokers, and clients alike.

We're excited about the upcoming release of our Broker Portal which will give managers even more information to better leverage their businesses.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

The DotLoop Team

Dot Loop Admin said...

Thanks for the mention, Mike! We've had tremendous feedback from clients, agents, and brokers alike.

Speaking of brokers: we're excited about the new Broker Portal that will be debuting soon, which will give managers more information to better leverage their businesses.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


The DotLoop Team

Anonymous said...

I'm a Realtor - I've used both DocuSign & Dotloop and found DocuSign to be MUCH more client friendly. DotLoop was not intuitive and took too many calls with the client to walk them through what they needed to do, whereas DocuSign was simplistic for the client - no phone calls. The only feature of DotLoop I prefer is that they highlight (in blue) all input fields (easier to read) & have history tracking for field changes.