Thursday, June 10, 2010

More and Less: Digital Cameras

A digital camera is one of your necessities. How else to get pic for the tours so vital to promoting listings online?

For most Realtors® the answer has been some from of compact camera. The range of compacts with a wide angle lens, and HD video record capabilities has been improving, with many models for under $300.

Sony's new NEX-5 compact DSLR
Better photography often requires a digital SLR with an interchangeable lens system. The range of lenses, and advanced features of these cameras, give you more creative control over photos, inside and out.

Now a third category of camera is emerging: compact digital SLRs. These have bodies closer in size to a compact, but with the added versatility of an interchangeable lens system. They might be the best choice for those who want the best in both worlds.
Some models to consider: Olympus PEN EP-1; Panasonic Lumix GF1; Sony NEX-5As examples of one of the latest advances in imaging, they command high prices...for now.

As these cameras work int the pipeline, there’s notable news at the other end of the imaging pipeline, too Image sensors of 5MP or better are becoming increasingly common on smartphones, as seen in the 8MP Kin Two from Microsoft,(aimed at the youth market) and the previously mentioned HTC EVO Apple’s newly announced iPhone 4. While 5MP is good enough for your real estate photography needs, the zoom capabilities of these cameras still lag.

A good strategy might a high res smartphone for everyday use, and one of the compact D-SLRs when you want the best photos or tours, if your budget allows that luxury. There will come a time when the smartphone will be all the camera you need for stills and video.

We’re not quite there yet, but with each wave of innovation we’re certainly getting closer.

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David said...

While the hybrid digital cameras with interchangeable lenses allow one to handle a wider range of framing, they don't appear to address restrictions imposed when using a flash. And, I use the flash a lot for interior shots.

Putting a long lense on one of these cameras will most likely result in a dark, barrel shaped area in the picture on the opposite side of the flash location.

Yes, one can use a slave flash, but one runs the risk of overexposure. A DSLR still affords the most flexibilty if a flash is used.