Thursday, July 1, 2010

Apple users?

Later this month I’ll be working on a column for Realtor magazine online abut the Mac’s newfound status in real estate. If you’re a user of an iMac, Macbook, iPhone or the new iPad I’d like to hear your thoughts. Just email me or post a comment and I’ll get it.
 I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic input from users of Apple products when soliciting user input for recent buying guides.
 When I did the desktop computer and smartphone guides, Apple aficionados products comprised the majority of respondents, eager to share their thoughts. 
The iPhone’s popularity certain has helped make some Mac converts, but I think the iPod opened the door for many users years ago. The iPod experience, easy of use and intuitive design all  seem to have initially eroded perceptions that Apple’s products  were not for real  estate.
And now I start to hear talk of the iPad as something some Realtors would like to have, whereas other tablets never really caught on.
But what are your thoughts on the mac and family for real estate? How tough was it to match Apple’s products and software to your real estate career? Pros, and cons?

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Flo Foote said...

As an avid Mac user, I found it extremely annoying when I have to use any Windows browsers using Parallel to run applications. This is a sign that the company is not cutting edge with technology. For example, I switched my MLS provider to the CLAWS MLS b/c it is mac/windows friendly. I do not need to run Parallel and I can use firefox, Safari or Chrome. I also tested the application using my Ipad and it works great. I will orient my choice of RE providers based on the ability to use the products on my Apple products.