Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Briefly Noted....

      I’m continually approached by start-ups  and small companies to  over and review their products. I invite those contacts, but in fairness I have to say up front I don’t have the time or resources to test or review every product. 
  I can use this space, when applicable, to mention new solutions and get the word out to readers readers who may have an existing need and are willing to check out these new products on their own. Mention here should not be taken as an endorsement, however.
Canned Banners offers a web-based app for building interactive banner ads to promote listings, yourself or your company on Websites. Users upload photos and text and they can create a banner ad from customizable templates.
After reading the earlier post on QR codes, Per Schmitz contacted me about, the social media business card solution he’s developed.  In his words,  “DooID bundles all networking AND contact details on one Social Business Card with privacy protection.”  It’s free, with scalable privacy settings, and automatically generates QR Codes  which can be used on a vcard, or downloaded for printing. Best seen to be understood, you can look at his here.
If you’re shopping contact management/virtual business solutions, take a look at This new real-estate based contact management program that also supports file storage, calendar appointments, and multiple user interaction (for teams). A mobile version is available.

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