Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wrapping it up for CES

I think we’ve done a good job encapsulating the most important announcements our of CES in Realtor magazine online(  with a buying guide to mobile PCs, a slide show on the latest tablets, and a Tech Watch column devoted to things not covered there. But there are a few more notes to add, and will do so here because of lack of space there. 
Great buys to come  this year on all-in-one printers, including new models like Kodak’s $99 C310, and  Canon’s five color WiFi Pixma MX882. Kodak also introduced a system for creating then printing in 3D with its printers, but you still have to wear those silly glasses. With ongoing refinements of digital cameras capable of capturing 3D images, it seems it won’t be too many years before you can show off your listings in 3D as the next best thing to being there. 
And as far as printing goes, Lenovo pushes the envelope on speed , showing the first printer to incorporate new technology developed by its partner Memjet. The planned printer takes the race, cranking out 60 pages per minute at 1600x800 dpi. Initially available in China, it should set the new standard in color for the office when it finally finds its way here. 
Speaking of things to come, Samsung demonstrated flexible LCD screen which could lend a little more durability to future smartphones and mobile gadgets, as seen and reported here on CNET. And, MicroVision showed a prototype mini-Android tablet PC, shown here on Android headlines,  with built in Pico projector

While mini projectors are establishing themselves as a tool for business presentations,  they have been more of a novelty feature seen in a few digital cameras and phones. Long term, though, I think this technology will prove a valuable way around the limited display capabilities of truly portable devices.
There’s more, but that’s probably enough of CES for now. 

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