Monday, March 7, 2011

3D for Listing Promos?

     When I put together the March buyer’s guide to digital camera for Realtor magazine online,  I didn’t get to explore the 3D capture capabilities now offered in a few of the latest  cameras and camcorders. 
     For real estate, this would seem an effective tool for highlighting listings in a way that really stands out.  But the technology isn’t quite there yet: 3D video requires a special TV, and usually those glasses; to appreciate 3D in print requires either those glasses or a special and expensive print
     Fuji provided a couple of sample prints. In hand they look like those the 3D prints you may remember from youth,  a thick plastic coating like the lenticular prints you could tilt and get a different view. 
     Viewed in hand they do have a 3D effect which  could give a house photo more impact, especially when there’s a great view or luscious surroundings. 
    I scanned the photos they provided and but as you see that effect is lost in the process. 
     I’d say 3D has a place in the future but it’s not quite there yet. 

Service As it Should Be
     Here’s a model I wish four manufacturers would follow. 
     Had my Intel iMac four years, the three-year extended service contract expired 12/09. Shortly after, a vertical line showed up on the LCD monitor. A constant annoyance I learned to live with: oh, well machine out of warranty, etc.
     A few weeks ago another appeared and decided to see if there was any thing to do about it. After googling problem, found some forum posts mentioning mine was a known issue Apple would take care of.
     Yeah, right, I thought, but I called Apple customer service and explained the issue, how long I’ve had the iMac, when the problem appeared, and what I’d read online.
     Sure enough they replaced my monitor with a new one,— at no cost to me—  four years after purchase, more than a year after my warranty expired. 
     Two morals: When hardware fails, search before tossing. You might be pleasantly surprised, as I was. 
     We spend a lot of money with these companies for their technology. 
     They should all  be so good to their loyal customers.

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