Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are QR codes delivering for you?

Just did a story for one of the graphics magazines I write for on QR codes.

Now there’s a technology where Realtors have really taken the lead.

Sign shops, from independents to large national chains, all cite real estate professionals early adopters codes, the largest group to embrace QR so far. Seems these graphic grids will eventually become a fixture on all types of signs and printed marketing materials, but real estate is one of the proving grounds for this intereactive technology

Makes sense to add them to yard signs as a way of directing buyers to more details about that home, or a page of current listings. Certainly shows you’re tech savvy. But beyond that, are they working? Any quantifiable results, any new clients because of your use of QR codes?

I understand their appeal when showing sellers how you’re got all the tools to promote their home, is there more to it than that. let me know, and I‘ll report back what I hear later.

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