Monday, November 21, 2011

Signatures and Cameras

If you haven’t been getting many calls for or inquiries about digital signatures from buyers and sellers yet, that could soon change. Awareness is growing, helped in no small part by Docusign’s launch of a free branded app targeting consumers.
DocuSign Ink makes it easy for them to sign and archive documents with a electronic version of their signature right on their iPad or iPhone or in regular email including Outlook .
The intuitive nature of these user friendly solutions, and the way they simplify what some consumers might see as an intimidating technology could pave the path to broader acceptance,and give you good cause to investigate and start offering digital signatures for real estate  , if you aren’t already there.

Thinking about replacing your compact digital camera in the next few months? Seriously weigh the capabilities of a new smartphone as its replacement replacement for a compact point and shoot. It may be “good enough” for your real estate photo and video needs, leaving you with one less peice of hardware to carry.
Even the serious shooters and reviewers are starting to ponder that path, as reflected in this detailed article from Ars Technica  on the iPhone 4S 
. If that idea sounds appealing,also here’s a round-up from the New York Times on accessory lenses and such which can make that phone a better camera 

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