Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Strategic Aside....

        CES, the annual consumer electronics show, is always big news in technology, and last week’s gathering in Vegas played to that rule. 
Before you weigh which latest marvel you’ll want in coming months, 
think strategically. In a year where the real estate market shows signs of slowly recovering , and many budgets are limited, focus on solutions to empower you to do more with less. 
We’re steeped in an era of converging technologies, and multipurpose tools. Your phone or tablet can handle whatever you want it to do, if so inclined. For navigation, service providers and apps likely deliver all you need for negotiating your market area. What’s really good enough in a camera for your needs? Camera features on phones and tablets are muscling into the point and shoot category. Snap on lenses make them even more versatile for photos and video
Maybe it’s time to leave that camera and navigation system behind...two less things to carry.
  Can/should your phone be your computer, too? Loaded with the right apps, possibly. But screen size and overall performance can still be challenges, especially for those who judge the phone screen just too small. 
So, should your other other device be a tablet, a notebook, or both? If budget dictates either/or, a PC of some form is still the more practical primary computer. Be it a desktop or notebook, most will be best served by that full-powered performance.
A tablet, for now, should still be seen as an extension of it. Loaded with apps, its serves neatly between smartphone and computer.; more practical for reviewing, listings and tours and contracts with clients . Add the the reach of the Web, you have whatever you need, when you need it.
Which brings us to cloud computing. Explore it, learn how to take advantage of it and empower your real estate career.  Technology , at its best, makes like simpler. Pare down the hardware while ramping up on software apps and services, and be all you can wherever you are.

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