Monday, March 11, 2013

Add-ons Make Smartphone A Better Camera

Just wrapped up an updated guide to digital cameras for  Realtor magazine online. Since digital cameras remain such a critical tool for marketing properties, , and the technology improves and advances at such a relentless pace, we take a renewed look at the category every year or so. Once again, the guide highlights a representative sampling of all that’s currently available, at all tiers of the market. 
Across the board, today’s selection offer a dazzling g array of power, performance and features, whatever your budget. Because the focus is on “cameras,” per se, there’s passing reference passing reference to an emerging trend, in the latest smartphones, and their potential value as a photo/video solution for real estate needs. 
While newer smartphones like the iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920 , Blackberry Z10 and Samsung Galaxy S3  all advance the case for the smartphone as camera, smartphone optics still trail the lens performance of even the most basic of today’s digital cameras. That will change , over time. In the interim, there’s a whole class of accessorie— lenses, adapters, cases, tripods, , mounts , etc — to make your smartphone a more functional camera.
To give you some idea of the many options, here’s some sources with a good selection: Photojojo    Precision Camera  and Amazon 
There’s no debate there’s already tools out there to make your smartphone a serviceable camera. The issue is whether the results are good enough to speak for you and your listings. If not now,...well just wait. And while you do, you won’t break your bank by investing in many of the digital featured in this years guide.

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