Friday, April 26, 2013

....And Apps Can Make Smartphones More Like A "Real" Camera

Following up on my last post, accessories alone will not make your smartphone your best camera. There are also a number of apps which take the camera features built into your smartphone to the next level, give you the functions and creative control of something much more akin to a “real” camera. 
Choices vary with operating system, and most are targeted at iOS or Android. None will set you back more than $5, so you can and should experiment with several before deciding which offers the best user interface and features for your real estate photos and/or video.
For many of you, with the right app, and a few accessory attachments, your smartphone may be as much camera as you need for capturing video or photos for your online tours. It’s at least good enough to give viewer enough idea of what a home offers to get them to make a call.
If you, or certain properties, demand optimum image quality, and you’re shopping a new camera,check out the latest buyer’s guide to digital cameras at Realtor magazine online  for an idea of this year’s class. But look at your smartphone, too: as their imaging features and optics improve, as more accessories and apps are added, it’s only a matter of time before the camera in your smartphone will do, for most of you.
Now, about those apps. For an idea of how much is available in camera apps for your iPhone, start here. Some standouts include ProCamera, $4.99, as the name implies, geared more to the professional or serious amateur who looks on the iPhone as the camera always in hand; Camera Plus Pro, $1.99, relatively simple to use, rich with features.; and the free Camera Awesome which gives a solid mix of camera control, creative and easy sharing options.
For Android, the choices in camera apps are just as diverse. ProCapture, $3.99, adds enhanced camera controls, and you can sample its features for free with a limited version; SLR enthusiasts will appreciate how Camera FV-5, $3.95, delivers comparable control over image capturing on your smartphone; and the highly rated Camera Zoom FX, $2.99, provides a suite of tools and options, from photo or video capture through editing.

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