Saturday, June 1, 2013

More Apps Make the Device....Do More

Everyone who relies on a smartphone or tablet as hub of mobile productivity knows it’s the apps which make the device such a powerful tool. 
In fact, always search the respective app stores— Google Play , iOS, Windows 8 —to see what’s available to make your smartphone or tablet a useful tool in real estate.
That’s not a one time deal, however. New apps appear all the time, and some just get missed. You can’t really tell how useful any app is until you spend some time using it. From my experience, you usually know pretty quickly if it’s something you can or want to use.
Usually that shouldn’t cost more than your time. Most publishers , intent on getting their app into your hands, offer it for free or in a lite version but that’s not always the case.
Either way, here’s some more to consider. Bear in mind, I am not endorsing any, nor have I reviewed them. The app developers contacted me, in an effort to get the word out about the products. I said in one of my early posts I’d include mention of new products when possible. So....
EuroSmartz  offers a suite of fee-based business productivity apps for managing documents, and communications from mobile devices,primarily running iOS.They include Print N Share, Alta Mail, WritePDF and PrintCentral. 
If you handle a lot of rentals, Zumper’s ZumperPro  is free for creating flyers and marketing listings with a subscription to the company’s website. Consumers can search rentals, view them on a map, and get in touch with the landlord or agent. The system uses photos taken with the iPhone or iPad camera, and can automatically complete address information based on location
Listing Photo Taker, free with ads for Android, was developed specifically to help those in real estate organize and manage photos taken in the field. Developer Spencer Porter explains users assign an identifier for each property —an MLS number, address, etc. —and the app automatically batches up to 50 photos for sending or uploading to a cloud service like DropBox .Back-ups are stored on the phone or tablet until deleted.
        If managing your schedule is often the challenge, check out Tempo Smart Calendar. This digital assistant integrates contacts, apps email and schedule so everything you need to know is there when you need it, and nothing is missed.

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