Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A few summer briefs

Summer’s almost done— Labor Day weekend approaches — time to get back on track after a temporary hiatus. For starters, here’s just a few of the things of potential interest I set aside when they first crossed my desktop, meaning to get to....until now.

 How about taking input from buyers when deciding the listing price of a home?That’s a service online brokerage Redfin is now offering sellers with its Price Whisperer program. Seller enters their address, Redfin agent contacts buyers actively seeking a home in the area without divulging the address, inquiring what they would be willing to pay for such a home in the neighborhood. The feedback can be used to help set the price to capitalize on current market trends. Whether its a gimmick or useful insight remains to be seen, but if it works, well, it could have legs.

 Inbound marketing. Heard the term, but wonder what it means, or should mean for you? Here’s an infographic put together by the folks at Boomtown who incidentally have a turnkey Web marketing solution they’d de glad to explain.

 If you’ve decided you want to get serious about photography and are thinking nothing but a digital SLR will do for all your tour photo and video needs, PC magazine just put together a useful list of the best DSLRs, based on their video record capability. Prices start in the $700 range and climb as high as you’re willing to go; if you’re that serious, take a look.

As for hardware, as much as you use your smartphone, (and if you’re of a certain age) you may agree with summer reports about how the toll they are taking on heavy users’ eyesight. (here’s one from USA Today  ) That’s certainly a consideration in the growing selection of “phablets”— smartphones in features and function which rival the screen size of entry level tablet PCs. Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy Mega  is just the latest example of this trend, an Android phone with a 6.3 inch screen. Easier on the eyes, for sure, but is that just too much phone, not enough tablet, or just the right mix?

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