Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More photos, more interest

While video is gaining momentum, photos still rule as far as presentation of the property on the Web goes. And when it comes to pictures, More means More, according to survey conducted by Point2 Technologies earlier this year.

The sampling of 100,000 active listings throughout the U.S. and Canada analyzed the impact pictures had on consumer activity. Overall the study affirmed a direct correlation between the number of pictures and consumer interest. The study compared how many times each listing was viewed online; interest in the listing, as demonstrated by viewing time and related activity; and the number of leads generated by each listing.

Two key findings:

Listings with no photos generate a minute fraction—less than one percent—of the detailed views that results when a listing features more than 21 photos;

Listings with 21 or more photos generated three times the amount of detailed views, and twice the amount of interest and leads than those with just one photo.

You can read a more detailed report of the survey in the press release here.

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