Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some easy answers for tours

Still getting responses from July’s Realtor magazine story on video, now mostly from those with something to sell. In brief, here’s info from some recent contacts

Looking for an easy, inexpensive easy answer to your virtual tour needs? launched last month as a free site where you can create and distribute video tours. With its streamlined approach, users upload still photos to build the tours which feature pan and zoom effects to convey a sense of motion. Editing tools allow users to personalize the tours with text and background music. Distribution to sites like YouTube, Zillow and Trulia is one click away, and tours can be converted in to an ePostcard for display on your site. The services is currently in beta and, again, free. is one of many companies with turnkey tour creation services, starting at $139 for a musical slide show tour with up to 40 pictures. Its Fone Tour option, creates tours specifically for delivery to mobile devices, including smartphones.

Realty Times has put together several video solutions for use online. Branded home tours, $349, combine a home tour, interview with listing agent discussing its appeal, and a look at the latest market trends. See a sample here. Another option: branded video newsletters for distribution each month. An example can be found here.

If you’d rather develop your own approach to free tours Greg Drejza has wriiten a book "How to Create a Virtual Tour for Free" which steps you through the tour building process process. Some practical tips on what it takes for an effective tour on a budget. Available for $10.95 in black and white through the website

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Greg Drejza said...

Thank you for the comments regarding my book. It is great that other sites are offering a prodcut for free! In this Real Estate market all REALTORS need to be saving money and cutting expenses where they can! My web site name was not shown. It is!